Being listened to and understood by a caring professional 

in an empathic therapeutic relationship can bring tremendous

relief from emotional conflict and pain, develop a stronger self, and promote 

constructive ways to live a more fulfilling and happy life.


When your inner world feels out of balance,

or when sadness or worry sends up a red flag,

it's time to talk.


Sometimes you might be feeling lonely or disconnected

and just not certain about how to make things right.

  • Online Therapy available via Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams.
  • Languages: English and Portuguese.
  • Main area of clinical experience: adult mental health (including forensic), neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation, individual and group psychotherapy.
  • Experience as an Expert Witness: Assessment of Mental Capacity; Assessment of Malingering; Care Proceedings; Neuropsychological Assessment; Offender Risk Assessment; Parenting Assessments; Personality; Sex Offenders
  • Psychometric assessment services available to patients following brain injury, stroke and other neurological problems.
  • Dementia assessments.
  • Expat experience: South Africa, Portugal, UK.

Registered with the following UK insurance providers:

Registered with the following insurance providers in Portugal: